pros and cons
Some of the problems you have identified already probably relate to your experience of depression, and some will relate to your use of alcohol, cannabis or amphetamines.  However, there will be some other problems you have raised already today that the SHADE therapy may not specifically be able to deal with.  Given SHADE is firstly designed to look at problems related to depression and problems related to alcohol and other drug use, it may be that we do not get to all of your problems within this program. 

At the end of SHADE therapy, we will take some time to revisit what we’ve covered today, and will discuss which changes you’ve been able to make, and which problems still require some attention.  You may like to access other available services to help you work on these remaining issues.

Throughout the SHADE program, there may be times when you feel like things are getting too much for you, and you may feel suicidal.  If that happens to you, please contact your local mental health service immediately for crisis assistance.  In addition, Lifeline and Kids Helpline are available 24 hours every day for you to talk to.  These numbers are listed in your telephone directory.  Please do not let suicidal thoughts or feelings go unchecked by a health care professional.

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