The 3-minute Breathing Space
(Segal et al., 2002).

In previous sections of this skill module, you have been using mindfulness to focus on routine activities (such as walking, brushing teeth, washing dishes, showering etc.), and you also learned how to use your breath as a focus for attention.  It is important that before you try to use mindfulness as a way to cope with difficult situations, that you have first practiced mindfulness in everyday situations.

If this is the first mindfulness module that you have looked at, please return to the “Allowing and Letting Things Be” module menu, so that you can practice the basic skills of mindfulness before completing this module.

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Now that you have practiced a range of mindfulness skills, it is time to learn a form of mindfulness that is very easily built-into your everyday life, without taking up too much of your time

You will learn to use what is called the 3-minute breathing space exercise in this module.  The 3-minute breathing space is a valuable tool in your everyday life, and is something your can use long after this “formal training” is finished.

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3 minute breathing space