Have a look at the form in front of you.

Over the next week, either during the day or at the end of each day, please fill in your Activity Log.  Include on the log all the different things you do in your day, no matter how small or unimportant you think they are.  For example, you could start by writing down your time using the SHADE skill modules as a start.

As a practice, please fill in the Activity log for yesterday.  Choose the day of the week from the columns at the top of the page, and try to remember what you did at the times listed down the side of the page. 

The point of this exercise is not to judge how much you are doing, or even what you are doing.  It is just to write down all the things you are doing, regardless of whether you think they are important or not. 

Be sure to write down everything you did yesterday - getting out of bed, eating, appointments, housework (list specific activities), socialising, drinking/using, cooking, going to bed - no matter how minor you think the activity is.  Even if there were times of the day when you did nothing, or sat and worried, and so on, put those things in there too.
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Activities you are already doing