The first step in getting moving again, is to have a look at what you are already doing.  An activity log is a great way to do this.

An activity log is just a way for you to observe and pay attention to the different things you are doing with your day, and in particular you can use it to write down those times and days when you practice mindful walking and it is also a useful tool in helping to beat low mood, poor motivation, and feeling like you are stuck in a rut.

For example, when people are going through difficult times, it is uncommon for them to remember doing anything meaningful or fun throughout their day.  This is particularly the case for people who are depressed, or anxious or using alcohol or other drugs.  Maybe it is the case for you too.

When people are stuck in a negative cycle, they also more likely to focus on the things they have not done, or have missed out on doing.  In these cases, completing an activity log can be a useful way for you to collect evidence that you are able to function OK, and that you are managing to get some things done.

Also, if you are using alcohol or other drugs, you probably find it difficult to imagine filling in your day with things that are not related to drinking, smoking or using.  Alcohol or other drugs probably become fairly important parts of your day, and in helping you pass the time.  An Activity Log is a useful way of looking at exactly what you are doing in your days, including (but not limited to) when you are drinking, smoking or using.
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Activities you are already doing