In the previous section of this skill module, you were taught about the ABCs of everyday situations, and shown how to identify your own ABCs using a thought monitor.  We will make use of the information you have already written down on your thought monitor over the past week and build on it in this session.

If you have not yet completed the session in this skill module on ‘The ABCs of your thoughts’ please go back to the module menu and run through this session, before moving onto the session on ‘Controlling your thoughts’.  Without this background, you will find it really challenging to grasp the ideas behind controlling your thoughts.

Click here to go back to the ‘Taking Charge of Your Thoughts’ menu.

If you have your completed ‘Monitoring Thoughts’ sheet in front of you, take a few minutes now to check it over, looking for any patterns in the way in which you are thinking about the situations on your form.   Then, click here to continue.

Controlling your unhelpful thoughts