Thank you for completing the Thought Monitor.

Getting used to monitoring your thoughts is an important first step in learning better ways to deal with the thoughts and feelings that you are currently experiencing. 

So far, you have learned how to break down problem situations into their 3 parts - the As (activating events), the Bs (you beliefs or thoughts about those events) and the Cs (the consequences, or how you felt or behaved as a result). 

Today, we are going to take this one step further.

Spotting your Unhelpful Automatic Thought Patterns
(Beck et al., 1979; Segal et al., 2002; Persons et al., 2001)

In previous modules, you have learned how to work out the As, Bs and Cs of situations that pop up during the week that are linked with low mood, worries, stress and cravings.

Tanya had to go through a similar activity when she started to tackle her depression.
Click here to listen to Tanya’s experience.

Controlling your unhelpful thoughts