This section of the program is relatively simple, but very important. 

It involves taking some time think about your goals for the future, whether they be for next week, next month, next year or beyond.

It will also involve thinking about how alcohol and other drugs fit into these plans.

Coming to a decision to changing your use of alcohol/other drugs is a slow process that can only be guided by you. 

Remember it may have taken you a little while to get to your present situation, so it may also take a little while to decide to change your present situation.  It is important to go at your own pace, and keep in mind the goals that you are working towards and what you would like to achieve. 
Just take some time now to go through this form and answer the questions in the space provided. 

These questions are designed to help you think more about your current using, drinking and smoking habits, and how they fit into the other parts of your life.

Just take about 10 minutes at a time and fill in this sheet, and think about where these issues leave you in terms of your current levels of alcohol or other drug use.
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Preparing for change