One way to make a change to your current habits is to start a trial of reduced levels of use of alcohol/other drugs.  Ideally, this would start now.

If you choose this option, it would mean that you would set a goal that details how much alcohol, pot or speed (or other drugs) you will allow yourself to use from now on, and you would agree with yourself to stick to this goal.

If you would prefer this option, think about a specific, reasonable and achievable level of drinking, smoking or using that you would now like to limit yourself too.  Write this information down on your Change Plan Worksheet under the section “My main goals for myself in making a change are:”. 

Write something specific down like: “From today, I will reduce my use of alcohol/other drugs.  I will allow myself to have a drink/smoke/hit only on social occasions and no more than 2 times per week (for example).  When I do smoke/drink/use I will have no more than 3 drinks (or 3 cones, or 1 hit, for example) and then I will have no more.”

If this option suits you, take some time now to write down your goals for cutting down in the space provided on the Change Plan Worksheet.
If this option for cutting down doesn't suit you, click here for other options.

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