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Skills menu
This menu will link you to a range of different modules, each of which is designed to target a particular area of concern or stress for you.  By completing these modules, you will develop skills and tools you need to help you cope better with your current life situation.  Each module contains several different components, which can be completed all at once, or over a couple of weeks - the choice is yours.

Throughout the skill modules, you will have the opportunity to view video footage of people who have probably had similar experiences to you.  “Tanya” is the person who will guide you through the different parts of this program, providing extra information about the activity you are completing. Most often, she will describe her own experiences, both with depression, with alcohol or other drugs and in doing the activities set out for that module.

Let's introduce you to “Tanya” now.

When you are finished, or to skip this step, click on one of the modules listed on the menu below that best suits where you would like to start.