After completing the “Cravings and How to Cope” module, you were going to try out some of the coping techniques covered in that session out there in the real world.  It is important to have these tools ready to go, whenever a craving hits you - it pays to be prepared.

Sometimes you will be able to see trigger situations for alcohol/other drug use coming and avoid them altogether.  Other times, you won’t be able to avoid these situations, and will have to use your craving tools.  Hopefully your practice has been useful in showing you which of those craving skills work best for you in certain situations.

Remember, changing your use of alcohol/other drugs is a slow process.  It may have taken you a little while to get to your present situation, so it may also take a little while to change your present situation.  Remember to go at your own pace, and keep in mind the goals that you are working towards and would like to achieve during the SHADE program.  Cravings are a natural part of changing alcohol/drug use. 

Each time you do something other than drink or take drugs when you get a craving, the craving will lose its power.  The peak of the craving wave will become smaller, and the waves will be further apart.

Keep attacking your cravings by trying out the different techniques you learned in last weeks’ session.  It will get easier.
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