Developing an Emergency Craving Plan

It is important to develop a plan to manage your cravings for alcohol or other drugs in “emergency” or high-risk situations.  That way, you already have a plan of action ready to go in the heat of the moment when confronted with a craving or trigger situation.

The first step in developing your Emergency Plan is to write down in the first column all those situations or events that are your main trigger for a craving. 

It could be when you are bored, when you are hanging around with friends who use, it could be when you are feeling depressed. 

It doesn’t matter what those situations are, just write them down on the Emergency Plan if they trigger a craving for you. 

As best you can, take a few moments to think about which situations or events could trigger a need or desire in you to have a drink, a smoke or a hit.  Write all these situations down under the column titled: “My main craving triggers are…”

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Emergency plans