homework review
During session 1, you and the health professional supervising you for this program filled out a case formulation. 

This case formulation was basically a way of summarising your current symptoms of depression and any problems you are experiencing.  Then you may have tried to work out how these problems developed, and how they are all related to each other.  You may have also talked about how drinking, smoking or using other drugs fits into these problems.

Your homework from Module 1 was to read through this case formulation and make any changes you thought were necessary.  Also, you were going to look over the “Pros and Cons Balance Sheet” and add in any positives and negatives about drinking/smoking or using that you could think of.  Finally, you were going to try completing a Mood Monitor, for the highs and lows of mood you experienced each day over the past week.

Homework is an important part of the SHADE program.  It is a really good way to take all the things that you learn during these modules, and try them out in the real world.  It’s a way to test whether this program really works for you. 

We understand that things will come up during the week that might make it difficult for you to complete your homework activities.  These things can include not enough time, not enough privacy, or maybe even because they were forgotten about

Rob found it difficult at first to get used to the idea of homework, but soon realised that things would stay the way they were, unless he got serious about the program and gave it his best shot.

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