homework and conclusion


You have now finished Module 2. 


Thank you for completing all the activities today.  You have had to listen to lots of information, and take on lots of things today, so thanks for bearing with it.


Just remember you have the following things to complete for homework between now and Module 3:



1. Complete the Mood Monitoring form for your best and worst moods you experience on each day over the next week.  Rate your best and worst moods on the scale at the bottom of the form, and describe the situation that brought about that mood.  Bring the completed form in next week.


2. Complete the activity log for the things you do on each day over the next week.  Remember to write down everything, no matter how unimportant you think it is.  Include those times and days when you practice your mindful walking exercise through the next week.  Bring the completed form in next week.


3. Practice 10 minutes of mindful walking each day – it doesn’t matter when you choose to practice, just as long as you make time for it to happen.  Use the “Mindful Walking” handout as a guide and reminder of how to do this exercise. 


Remember, these activities will be easier to do, and will take less time to complete, if you take a few minutes each day to do them – rather than wait until the end of the week and try to remember what has gone on.


Remember to check in with the person who is supervising you in this program before you go today.

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