changing alcohol & other drug use

The last section of Module 3 will look at your current thoughts and feelings about your level of alcohol, cannabis or other drug use.

At some point over the past week, you hopefully had time to think about the things discussed in Module 2 that related to your health concerns, financial concerns and personal concerns associated with you current level of use of alcohol or other drugs.

Coming to a decision to changing your use of alcohol/other drugs is a slow process that can only be guided by you. 

Remember it may have taken you a little while to get to your present situation, so it may also take a little while to decide to change your present situation.  It is important to go at your own pace, and keep in mind the goals that you are working towards and would like to achieve during the SHADE program. 

You may like some more self-help material to give you some tips on managing your alcohol/other drug use.  If so, remember to ask the person supervising you for the SHADE project for some suggestions.
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