homework and conclusion


You have now finished Module 3. 


Just remember you have the following things to practice between now and Module 4:


  • Fill out the Thought Monitor every day over the next week, for each situation where you feel depressed, negative, unhappy, bored etc. and when you feel like a drink/other drugs.  As in the example, break this situation down into the A — Situation, B-thoughts, and C-feelings and behaviours.  Write down your thoughts as if your were speaking them out loud — use exactly the same words the are in your thoughts without evaluating them before you write them down.


  • Take home the “Preparation for Change” sheet and fill it in over the next week.  Think about what this means for your current situation.  Add extra items to your “Pros and Cons Balance Sheet” as you need to.


  • Try to practice Mindful Walking for 10 minutes each day and write down on the Activity Log those times when you do mindful walking (you may also like to plan ahead when you will practice this exercise).


  • Use your Mindfulness Skills for another routine activity — such as eating, brushing your teeth, showering, hanging out clothes etc. and write down when you do so on the Activity Log.


  • Try to fill out the Activity Log, by recording your activities on the form everyday.


  • Try to pay close attention to one pleasant activity you are doing in each day.  As best you can, notice all the thoughts, feelings and body sensations that go with this pleasant activity, and write it down on your Activity List and Activity Log, and bring this in next week


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