activity log

Thank you for completing the Activity Log for the past week.

This week, we are going to expand on your activity log and make it a bit more useful to you

Filling up your day

When you are going through difficult times, it is probably pretty hard to remember doing anything fun or important throughout the day.  Especially when you are depressed, you feel pretty negatively about the world, and as you have learned, this makes you more likely to focus on the negatives.  You probably focus on the things you haven’t done, or have missed out on.

When you are also trying to cut down on alcohol, pot or speed, you probably have noticed that there are some gaps in your day — you need to put other things and activities into your day to take the place of drinking and using.

In these cases, doing an activity log is really helpful, and hopefully by now your experience in filling in the activity log has started to point some of these things out to you. 

Listen, as Rob describes his experiences.
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