managing thoughts

We understand that sometimes things come up during the week to make it difficult to complete homework activities.  These things can include not enough time, not enough privacy, or maybe even because they were forgotten about.

However, homework is one of the most important parts of the SHADE program. 

As Rob explained in the early parts of this program, homework is a really good way to take all the things that you learn during these modules, and try them out in the real world.  It’s a way to test whether this program really works. 

Make sure you talk about your difficulties in completing homework with the person who is supervising the SHADE program.  Perhaps the two of you can come up with some ideas to make it easier for homework to be done.

Managing unhelpful automatic thoughts, is one of the most important aspects of the SHADE program, and in better managing your depression and your drinking, smoking or using. 

Thoughts play such a significant role in influencing your mood and behaviour.  So, by paying attention to your thoughts, and learning how to control them, you can also control your mood, your feelings and your behaviours.  You can control your depression and alcohol/other drug use. 

But, learning this process take a bit of time, and also practice out there in the real world, so this homework activity is such an important one to do. 

Please take a little bit of time now filling out your Managing Thoughts form as best as you can remember.  If you need to, you can print out another Managing Thoughts form now to fill in.
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