managing thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Managing Thoughts form.

The last week has probably presented lots of opportunities for you to identify your unhelpful automatic thought patterns in relation to their depression and alcohol/other drug use.  As you learned in Module 5, switching off your automatic pilot is an important step in learning how to control your depressive thoughts, and thoughts about drinking and using. 

Have a look at the managing thoughts homework sheet in front of you. 

Do you notice any changes in the feelings you wrote down in column 3 compared to column 8? 

After going through the steps – including breathing, identifying the unhelpful automatic thought pattern, and looking for alternative explanations – did your feelings or your mood improve in any way? 

By going through the steps in managing these unhelpful automatic thought patterns, your reactions to situations out there in the real world, including your feelings and behaviours, will change for the better.

These steps are important ones to practice as often as you can. 

Until they become your new habit, you will need to continue to write down these steps on your managing thoughts form as they happen. 

So, please complete another “Managing Thoughts” form for homework this week.
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