alternative view

The Alternative View worksheet was part of your take-home activities from Module 7. 

The last module would have explained to you the importance of trying to work out your problematic, or negative underlying core beliefs, and then to find ways to challenge this view of the world. 

The Alternative View worksheet was a way of helping you to do this, and was a very important activity for you to complete.

However, we do understand that things come up during the week that make it more difficult to complete homework tasks — maybe you could discuss some of these problems with the person who is supervising you in the SHADE program.

However, it is important to work out whether these problems in completing your Alternative View worksheet are actual problems, or whether your depression is trying to talk you out of doing this activity.

Remember, your depression will try to block out information and evidence that challenges its view of the world, and the hold it has over you.  It will certainly do its best to wipe out any evidence that supports your more balanced, positive core beliefs you developed in Module 7.

So, take a few minutes now to look back over your week and to try to complete your Alternative View worksheet.
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