problem solving

Make sure you talk about any difficulties you have in using your problem-solving skills with the person who is supervising the SHADE program.  Perhaps the two of you can come up with some ideas to make it easier for homework to be done.

Problem-solving skills are relevant in almost every situation that you come across out there in the real world — they are really general skills that can help you make the most sensible and realistic decisions about situations, that are more in line with your own goals.

Problem-solving is a general skill that can be applied in many different settings and for many different problems. 

Remember you can have a go at tackling any problem that you are currently worried about using these skills. 

Problem-solving is an important habit to learn for your everyday life, so try to use it as often as you can to make sure you are careful and fully aware of how and why you make certain decisions out there in the real world.
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