Firstly, imagine a situation where you decided to make a change to your current drinking, smoking or using habits. 

Think about how exactly you might go about it…

Do you know other people who have made changes in their lives, whether in terms of alcohol or other drug use, or some other lifestyle behaviour (such as exercise, diet and so on)?  Maybe you have talked with these people about how they made their change, or perhaps you were able to see how they went about it.  If so, take some time to write down the things you remember them doing that worked for them in making a change.

Perhaps you, yourself, have tried to change something about your lifestyle in the past.  You may have even tried to change your own use of alcohol, cannabis, speed, tobacco or other drugs at some point.  If so, what helped you in the past when you have tried to make any type of change (not just that related to alcohol or other drugs)?  Think about the things that have helped you make a change in the past and write down these things in the space provided.
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Preparing for change